Bal Moderne Academy is finally launched  

 Now, for the first time, together with the Ten Weyngaert, we are launching the ‘Bal Moderne Academy’. No needs for special clothes or training, just come along and learn two or three of the 50 dances that make the Bal Moderne’s magnificent repertoire, in a atmosphere that’s fun and relaxed. In just a couple of hours you’ll be dancing choreographies specially made for the Bal Moderne from artists as renowned as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Wim Vandekeybus to local hip-hop dancers and up-and-coming stars in the making. Our range of music spans Beyoncé to Bartok.

For the last 20 years, the Bal Moderne’s close relationship with contemporary artists distinguishes it from other collective dance experiences such as flash mobs or folk bals. For the Bal Moderne Academy, we intend to revive our entire repertoire over the course of the year, and end with a giant fiesta where we will film the dances for our live archive. Come and join us and be our first Bal Moderne Academy students and, who knows, if you attend regularly, our star graduates? !

Info/inscriptions: + 32 2 340 95 80

Enrolement for the 6 sessions is 25 euro

to be paid account N°

BE62 3630 5731 9461 

5 euro try-out session is also possible


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